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Application for hellpointe


Player Info
Player Name: Julio
Player LJ: None
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM – julioigk91
Player Email: julioigk91@yahoo.com
Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes (19)

Character Info
Character Name: Elaine Belloc
Character’s Age: 12
Convincing argument regarding underage characters XD :
It’s true that Elaine is technically twelve years old, although by the end of the series even big fans will be hard pressed to remember it unconsciously. She’s described as “twelve going on forty.” Throughout the series, she consistently displays maturity in several instances (how she deals with Mazikeen, how she rises to responsibilities, etc). She also handles horrific things quite well: she doesn’t gape at what hell looks like, takes several days of extreme torture at the hand of a dead god in stride, and even manages to ignore Gaudium’s intense sarcasm (a horrific thing indeed!). Although she does have a tendency to be naïve at times and to let her silly twelve year old inclinations seep in, it does not affect how she handles problems and would not hinder her greatly in a horror environment.
Fandom: Lucifer (Comics)
Timeline: After the end of the series

Although Elaine is twelve years old, she uses her powers to appear older: usually in her mid to late teens (16-19). She favors short dresses and skirts (usually white or black), long sleeves or no sleeves at all, as well as boots, and keeps her black hair at shoulder length or slightly shorter. She stands at around five and a half feet, and has an average build. Although technically this entire appearance is maintained magically by her, and she can therefore appear any way she wants to, she dislikes looking like anything but herself. As such, whether she chooses to look 16 or 60, her appearance mirrors what she would have really looked like at 16 or 60 had she grown up normally. She also sports a pair of wings (real wings, not magical ones) and uses her powers to keep them concealed. While concealed, it’s as though they aren’t there at all, and don’t affect her physically in any way.

When she was younger, Elaine wasn’t very good at hiding her emotions. But along the way to the end of the series, she becomes better at maintaining a calmer expression. Emotions don’t show as much.

Elaine’s background.
Elaine has a lot of history in entranceway, however for the sake of simplicity because that game hasn’t finished and she’s still active there, I’m going to wave off that history. Although if it does finish I might try to find some way to work that history in (temporary memory loss and what have you, but only if it’s acceptable to the mods). At that time, I’ll provide the full history she had there.

Because Elaine grew up with odd powers, she understood from the very start that she was different. “Different,” however, became something that she grudgingly put up with, and even mildly disliked. When she finally (reluctantly) discovers why she has those powers, she immediately assumes that she’s a monster. That small dislike for the supernatural is something she carries with her until the end of the series, which leaves her with great respect for regular people: that is to say, people who don’t have any powers. This is crucial to her personality, because it means that despite her superiority in every way to just about everyone in existence, she still cares for and loves those under her (and envies them as well).

That leads to the second and probably most important aspect of her personality: her compassion. Death is something she knows must happen, and she knows that she’ll never be able to stop people from killing one another. This is something that frustrates her, but at the same time she still cares for murderers and evil-doers. Left with Lucifer’s lingering choice over wrath and mercy, she will definitely lean toward mercy, saving wrath for the extreme (REALLY REALLY EXTREME) cases. One of her first actions as god was to abolish hell, because she saw it as something disgusting and unfair. Another was to restart Noema’s life rather than kill her, despite the fact that Noema actively treated creation like her play-thing.

It’s understandable to wonder how Elaine can act compassionate (at times even being hindered by it) and humble when she considers Lucifer to be one of her best friends. The answer is that throughout the series, Elaine displays consistent independence. She relies on her friends and family, but at the same time she has a clear understanding of who she is separate from them. She acts according to what she think is morally and ethically correct, and only that. She also treats everyone as equals, talking evenly with Lucifer and Yahweh, perhaps afraid but nonetheless standing her ground. This might be seen as rebelliousness (considering the way she acts toward her foster parents) but in reality is simply a clear awareness of “self.”

The darker side of Elaine comes with the idea of friendship. When Elaine is your friend, you can be certain that she will do everything she can to keep you safe. This includes the unhesitating removal (through peaceful means if possible, and lethal means otherwise) of anything that threatens the people she loves. If placed in a situation where she must choose between saving a friend and an acquaintance, she will choose her friend and feel only a tiny bit of remorse. Having to choose between being friends with Lucifer and anyone else (Mona being the exception), she will choose Lucifer.

Since Lucifer saved her several times and she idolizes him in many aspects (his glaring honesty and free will being some examples), she constantly seeks his approval.

Elaine also has a very rigid sense of responsibility. She is very careful when taking on responsibilities, mostly because once she commits to one, she will do everything in her power to uphold it. However, she realizes by the end of the series that sometimes non-intervention is the best approach to her responsibilities.

Slow to anger and with an easy smile, Elaine’s day-to-day personality is one of balances. Outgoing but polite, deep in thought but still ready to have fun, loyal but independent, nosy at times but respectful overall.

Elaine inherited the demiurgic power (power of God and creation) from her father, Michael. This gave her pure, raw power which has a sort of yin-yang relationship with Lucifer’s pure willpower. Being the demiurge allows Elaine to manipulate the existence around her: creating things from nothing, turning things into nothing, and changing the structures and foundations of all matter. If the universe was made in a forge, Elaine’s power would be the raw materials and the fire beneath it, while Lucifer’s is the hammer that gives it form. Once Elaine inherited the position of godhood, her power rose up to the greatest power in creation. She became omniscient and omnipotent, and eventually omnipresent as well.

It’s impossible to list the things that Elaine can do, simply because by the end of her canon she can do anything.

In Bell Pointe, omnipotence and omniscience would obviously be too powerful. She will find her powers incredibly diminished due to the lack of connection to her own universe. She can still feel her own universe vaguely, and only in the same fashion that you can feel your eyelids: only when she consciously thinks about it. As for omnipotence, while she still carries a lot of raw power, she only has enough control to do simple manipulations and creations. Creating small objects that can be carried by one hand is about as tiring for her as running up flights of stairs: easy one at a time, but exhausting if prolonged. So, while making one apple is easy by itself, creating a building is enough to knock her out for two or three days (because the mass of one building = the mass of hundreds of thousands of apples).

If she lets her power go full on (ignoring the limits of her control), she’ll likely destroy the entire of Bell Pointe, the universe, and any adjacent universes in the timeline— definitely not something she’s likely to do.

Writing Samples
Log/Third Person Sample:
It takes a while for her to collect herself. Literally, to collect. She gathers her consciousness from the corners of creation, as though she’s gathering air by inhaling, gathering light by opening her eyes after the longest, deepest sleep she’s ever had. The few immortals and gods who feel the shift in her presence smile to themselves, and they know she smiles back sheepishly. They know she’s up to her old ways again.

She can still feel everything—always will feel everything—but in a different way. Her omnipresence takes the form of a centralized system, all points of information leading back to her, rather than simply being known. The bottoms of her boots feel warm (warm, when was the last time she’d felt warm?), the cold night air touches her skin, and she laughs as goose bumps spread on her arms. Her temporary manifestation takes form in Tokyo, in the middle of all the other temporary manifestations of men and women. No one notices the twenty-one year old woman in high boots and a short black dress arrive.

She enjoys the sensations for a moment, and although she knows exactly how everything will feel, it still feels good to actually hear people talking, to smell the wet earth in the big garden beside her.

A familiar voice calls out her name, and she turns, turns right into the hug of her best friend. They grin at each other for a few moments, between hugs, until Elaine slips her arm into Mona’s and pulls her away from the crowd. “So,” Elaine says, looking around as the voices fade away, “where’s this wasabi ice cream shop you were so happy about?” Mona laughs, and Elaine laughs with her. An inside joke: she knows exactly where it is, but she wants to hear the laughter.

Later, the two of them eating the strong, green ice cream, sitting side by side in a park surrounded by Japanese businessmen, she wonders to herself. Wonders how much of life she’s missed, filling in someone else’s shoes. How many train rides, pen strokes, ice cream cones. Is it really so bad if god likes ice cream? If god took the day off, because a girl wished for her best friend’s company? She thinks back to the days when she didn’t know angels were real, didn’t know the secret names of every star and tree. She wonders what her Sunday school teachers would say. She wonders what she would have said, back then.

No. No, she supposes, she wouldn’t have minded. She wouldn’t have minded at all.

Journal Entry/First Person Sample:
(Journal Entry)
This is speculation on my part, but I’m going to go right ahead and assume this isn’t a normal town. I don’t normally feel tired. But my legs are sore because I was walking the whole day yesterday, and I think I just set a new world record for sleeping in. Maybe it’s lack of exercise, but to be honest, I doubt that it is.

Whoever’s in charge here, I’m sorry, but I don’t think you realize what you’ve just done. What’s worse is I’m scared you know exactly what you’ve done. Either way, we need to talk. Today, please.